Train Your Pain Away
At the comfort of your own home

  • Without medications or side effects
  • Without surgery or injections
  • Without expensive trips to a therapist or chiropractor

Pain Relief within 1 minute
Want to Feel How it Works?

What is the Free Your Back Pain method?
How is it different from other solutions?

Your medical symptoms are a product of wrong posture and habits
that accumulated over the years.

Free Your Back Pain cures the cause
that created the symptoms in the first place
through exercises tailored to your needs
and new habits in everyday situations.

Self-healing using the 3-Step-Method


Control pain in 7 days

You learn to control your pain from the very first day, instead of the pain controlling you.

This way, fear will not take over, and you will stop wondering when and where the pain will attack next.
You will regain confidence in your body, quickly.


Practice twice daily for only 15 minutes

Discover the correct posture for you, strengthen core muscles and practice breathing.

The support for your body's weight will shift from the vertebrae in the spine to core muscles, stopping the pain quickly and preventing it from returning.  


Implement new habits in your everyday life

Implementing habits in everyday life is crucial. When you do not practice a good habit, you practice a bad one, which causes the damage in the first place.

When we get used to getting up, sitting and driving in a healthy way, we make sure the pain will not come back in the future.

And it's not just physical ...

Have you noticed that your pain gets worse in stressful situations?

  • Healing from pain includes emotional and mental work to prevent tension and stress from translating themselves into pain in the body.

The Free Your Back Pain system also gives you instructions on how to deal with those stressful situations in a constructive way.

When you don't create a good habit,
you create a bad one

To make it easy for you to to create good habits and eliminate the pain,

The Free Your Back Pain program

is a personalized home plan that will cure you of pain and restore your quality of life, quickly.


Pain Relief within 1 minute
Want to Feel How it Works?

What do you get in the program?
Personal healing path

A personalized healing path for your specific pain 

Personal phone support

The Free Your Back Pain team will accompany you from the your first steps, and as long as you need

Live weekly lessons

A live weekly Q&A session with Nir Yogev online - meet other community members and share your questions and successes

First aid exercises

Control the pain within ONE minute instead of it controlling you

Correct spinal posture and habits

Daily exercises that will strengthen core muscles and will prevent the pain from returning

Community Support 

Join our secret group on Facebook,
give and receive support for your questions and thoughts

We Are Pain Free


I got up from my wheelchair and went back to running

I have been suffering from back pain for 30 years until it got so bad that I could not walk more than a few yards. My wife had to push me everywhere in a wheelchair. Then I met Nir and during six Skype sessions with instructions for a personal 15 minute daily workout, I got up from the wheelchair and got back to running. It was my dream! If you are serious about healing your back and know that only you can heal yourself - this is definitely the plan for you. Today I do sports and play with my grandchildren without back pain

Kenny Fisher, 73, entrepreneur, California

No more fibromyalgia!

I had terrible back pain and pain almost all over my body which was diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

I started working with Nir over Skype.

I felt more flexible, I had more range of motion and my dancing improved.
I even started winning competitions because I wasn't in pain.

For that I'm very, very grateful to Nir!



This man saved me

I had sciatica and serious pain going down my left side for months. Chiropractor, acupuncture - nothing got rid of it.

I started working with Nir on Skype. It took me about three weeks to walk around with less pain. After another couple of weeks, I was pain free.

I am continuing on Nir's protocol and it's keeping me in really good shape.



I am back to the gym, 7 days a week

I had a fractured disc and could not move for about three months.

I went to different doctors and healers, even acupuncture, I tried everything. When I met Nir Yogev and he told me in amazingly simple words: “I will show you what to do so you can heal yourself.”, it’s exactly what I wanted to do!

Nir gave me exercises and I practiced them three times a day for one week. I started moving with much less pain. Every week, he changed the set of exercises – until one day, I was a different person. Totally new, no pain, no surgery.

I feel good and I am now back to the gym, 7 days a week, some days even for 2 to 3 hours.

Roni Suzan, 60, Kaballah teacher, New York

Pain Relief within 1 minute
Want to Feel How it Works?

And how will that help you?

The pain will not come back

The program will teach you how to make small physical and mental changes in your daily life. The Free Your Back Pain team will accompany you until you regain your quality of life

No surgery,
no medication,
no expensive treatments

Experience relief from your pain without surgery. Stop suffering from the side effects of drugs that only work in the short  term. Free yourself from your back pain without  expensive treatments that provide just momentary relief but won't help you in the long term

You will feel relief  in the first week

No need to suffer! Heal yourself with exercises  that you carry out from your personal least painful position. Whether it is standing up, sitting on a chair, sitting on your knees, lying on your back,  or lying on your side, with fifteen minutes of exercise twice daily, your back pain will be significantly relieved within the first week

About Nir Yogev, Founder of Free Your Back Pain

Hi, my name is Nir Yogev, I am the founder of the Free Your Back Pain program. 

Back in 2003, in a martial arts training session, I injured myself while training too intensely.
I suddenly couldn't move my body anymore, every move triggered excruciating pain.
My friends rushed me to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed a disc bulge in the 
L4/L5 vertebrae in the lower back. This was in addition to other injuries I had incurred over the years - dislocated shoulders, recurrent ankle sprains and knee injuries.

After unsuccessful visits to an orthopedic surgeon, I tried acupuncture and all sorts of medication. Nothing helped. I turned to alternative medicine and I practiced yoga.

I even spent a year and a half in France to become an Aikido master, complete with all the deep mental and spiritual work that is needed to master this martial art.

After several years and by combining all of these methods, I finally managed to heal myself from back pain.

In the past decade, I have been teaching my back pain healing method to my Aikido students. They referred their friends and family whom I also helped to heal themselves from back pain. In time, patients with severe back pain were referred to me even through back surgeons.

In the past years, I have helped hundreds of people from Israel and the United States recover from back pain and regain their quality of life. I have helped patients recover completely from severe disk breakages, disc hernias, lower and upper back pain, neck pain, knee pain, fibromyalgia, and a number of other pains. They recovered completely from their pain without the need for surgery, medication or weekly trips to a therapist.

I feel it is my life's mission to help people from all over the globe heal their back pain and return to an active, pain free life. L
et me help you free yourself from your back pain as well!

.The healing of tomorrow begins now and it will only come from within - physically and mentally
- Nir Yogev, founder and inventor Free Your Back Pain -

Is the program right for you?

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for someone else to do the healing work for you
  • You commit easily but do not stick to your commitment
  • You are looking for a magic pill
  • You do not want to acknowledge that full recovery from back pain requires a change in daily habits
  • You are busy complaining instead of rebuilding your life

This program is for you if...

  • You want to take full responsibility for your life and heal yourself from pain
  • You commit to practicing 15 minutes every morning and evening until you reach full recovery
  • You are actively engaged in reconstructing your life
  • You are on a path to growth
  • You are committed to learning new habits that will prevent the pain from returning

EARLY BIRD access to the
Free Your Back Pain program

The program will launch in January 2018.
Sign up as an Early Bird and receive access to parts of the program already in December!

Personal support by Nir Yogev, founder 

3 payments of

  • Lifetime access to training videos
  • Video meeting with Nir to neutralize immediate pain
  • Secret Facebook group
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Support from the Free Your Back Pain team
  • 4 online feedback sessions with Nir

Full support (recommended)

3 payments of

  • Lifetime access to training videos
  • Video meeting with Nir to neutralize immediate pain
  • Secret Facebook group
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Support from the Free Your Back Pain team
  • 4 online feedback sessions with Nir

Basic (no support)

3 payments of

  • Lifetime access to training videos
  • Video meeting with Nir to neutralize immediate pain
  • Secret Facebook Community 
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Support from the Free Your Back Pain team
  • 4 online feedback sessions with Nir
100% refund within 14 days if you feel no relief

Try the Free Your Back Pain program for

self-healing from back pain for 14 full days

If you do not feel a significant relief in your back pain, send me a short e-mail
.and you will get your money back, no questions asked

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to someone when I have a question?

Don't you have to meet me personally, my MRI and/or CT, to diagnose me and provide me with a customized plan?

What is the difference between this program and acupuncture, massage or any other alternative treatment?

What is the difference between this plan and Feldenkrais?

How long do I have access to the program?

How do I get the training?

I'm not good at computers, is it complicated to watch the training?

Could not find your answer?

How do I know that the program will solve my specific problem?

I have chronic pain that comes and goes, but it does not really hurt right now. Can the program help me, too?

Does the program only ease the pain or actually resolve the cause?

What is the difference between this program and Physical Therapy?

How do I know I'm practicing correctly?

What happens at the end of the program? Do I really need to practice every morning and evening for life?

I do not have a computer, I only have a mobile phone. What do I do?

What happens if I decide that the program is not for me?

Still have questions?

If you are still undecided if the Free Your Back Pain program

is right for you and your specific situation,

send us an e-mail at

We are here for you!